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Eating our way around Mumbai

May 30, 2016

We did a lot of eating in Bombay.  Lucky for everyone else, we took loads of PICTURES.

The city is a haven for vegans and the variety of food on offer is fantastic. Mumbai street food is heavenly and along with small local cafes, these are the places to find some of the absolute best grub. We stayed mostly in Fort, so we dropped into a number of local eateries in the area.  To be honest, you really can’t go wrong.  If you see lots of people eating somewhere, it’s usually a good sign.  We didn’t note down the names of all of the local India places we ate, but here are a few snaps.


Jalebis are deep fried bater swirls soaked in sugar syrup. They taste little hot crunchy donuts. Joyful.





Vada pav. Fried potato patty in a bun. Ask for it without butter. Heaven


Masala dosa. Food of gods



Pav bhaji is traditionally a very buttery dish. The bread is usually drenched and then fried in butter, but you can just ask for them not to do that. Since posting this, we’ve been told that pav can contain milk.  So either be really vigilant with your checking, or if in doubt, go breadless.  The bhaji is yummy anyway!

A couple of favourites….

We couldn’t not mention these few places.

Status Veg

This place is in Nariman point.  It’s quite fancy and very popular.  They’re especially known for their thalis, but they won me over with their palak dal and these unbelievably delicious idly chips.


Idly chips, aka idly fry. A revelation I tell you!!! These were from Status Veg restaurant in Fort


Consistently yummy and super fast food at this veggie restaurant in Fort.  We ate a lot of dosas at this place.

No photos, but have to give a shout out to Cafe Universal for being a nice place to sit and have a drink, Dakshin Bar and Kitchen for bringing khichiya papads into our lives and Anand Bhuvan for making our lunch, like most days.

As a vegan, it’s pretty easy to eat Indian food 3 times a day in Mumbai.  Most vegetarian stuff is vegan anyway, as long as you avoid paneer and check it isn’t cooked in ghee.  As much as we both love the local food, there is always a time and a place for some good non-Indian scran, particularly of the cakey variety!  Here are some of our favourite vegan friendly places to eat in Mumbai.

Burma Burma


These mocktails were even more beautiful to taste than they were to look at.

This is a Burmese restaurant and tea room in the Kala Ghoda neighbourhood of Fort, serving amazing food.  We went a little bit cray there.  The people working there were so friendly and happy to advise about what was animal-free (most stuff).  We tried to go back a second time but it was all booked up.  Best to make a reservation to guarantee a table.


The menu was literally a massive book


sweetcorn fritters. Hells yea we did!


tofu and cabbage stir fry of some sort



awesome coconut custard and jaggery pud

The Pantry


Couldn’t tell you how many times we went here, but I can tell you they do the most delicious salted caramel vegan shakes, made with almond milk.  The decor is really sweet.  American retro kind of thing.  It’s also in Kala Ghoda.

Mumbai_March_2016_1_-122restaurant Mumbai_March_2016_1_-121restaurant

As well as lots of salads, they do a lovely scrambled tofu breakfast which comes with nice bread.  Not horrid fake burnt stuff.

Mumbai_March_2016_1_-119restaurant They also serve upma with raisins and almonds and this dish of oven roasted chimichurri tofu with burgal pilaf.

Mumbai_March_2016_1_-88restaurantpantryFor pud they do a really yummy beetroot cakeMumbai_March_2016_1_-72restaurantThere are also lots of nice juices and smoothies but we mostly went for the milkshakes…Mumbai_March_2016_1_-90restaurant

The Nutcracker

This is a super cute little cafe in the Kala Ghoda region of Fort.  It only has about 20 seats and is often packed, so don’t go if you’re starving because you’ll probably have to wait.  They have plenty of vegan options. We ate breakfast there one morning and it was delish


barley and cracked wheat upma


breakfast quesadillas


Thai Baan

This place is in the Cuffe Parade neighbourhood of Mumbai.  Plenty of the veggie stuff on offer was vegan and very tasty!


crazy looking fried veg spring rolls


Cheeky pad thai with some tofu stir fry

Le Pan Quotidien

You can find these bakeries all over the world.  Most of the tempting baked treats on display in there aren’t vegan, but they do make really good carrot cake muffins.  The really awesome thing about this place is that they have a special vegan breakfast menu with plenty to choose from. They also have lots of plant-based main courses.


This was some kind of delicious savoury porridge


chia seed pudding with granola, chocolate chips, figs, banana and pomegranate


The Bagel Shop

It’s actually making my mouth water looking at the photos from this nice and comfy gem in Bandra. They are super vegan-friendly and have loads to choose from, you just may have to ask them to hold the cheese every now and then.  We wolfed down our tofu and hummus bagels so fast that we did not have time to snap them. Purely for blogging purposes, we ordered a PB one as well.  Oh and a soya chocolate milkshake.  We like shakes.





This place is fun and beautiful.  There are quite a few branches across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.  Veganwise, we were spoilt for choice.  Everything was scrumptious and the people working there were really friendly,


Crispy lotus stem with burnt garlic and dried red chilli


steamed dumplings


Tea Trails

Tea Trails is a chain of cafes that does a huge selection of teas.  There are eleven of them across India.  The Mumbai branch is just across from The Pantry in Khala Goda.  There wasn’t a huge selection of vegan options, but we enjoyed some smokey beans on toast, hummus with pitta bread and some awesome baked sweet potato wedges.  Oh and the decor on the walls was cute as.

Mumbai_March_2016_1_-13restaurant Mumbai_March_2016_1_-12restaurant


Birdsong Cafe


There were so many things to choose from that I got a bit giddy.  This place even does pizzas with vegan cheese.

This was a thick, rich and super creamy coconut milk shake.  It was SO chocolatey.


The cafe is in trendy Bandra and everything is totally organic.  Unfortunately they do serve meat as well, but, you know.  You vote with your pound.  Or you rupee.


Risotto. Too good.


aglio olio pasta with hella veg

The cookies and cream ice cream that we had for pudding was honestly the tastiest and creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tried, including non-vegan ice creams that I had in my (darker) non-vegan days.


We were absolutely stuffed, but not wanting to miss out on CAKE, we took a couple of slices of chocolate and carrot cake home.  The verdict was: YES.



This place is a really quirky “modern Asian bistro.  Lots of stuff for us to choose from on the menu.  The sushi chefs were happy to amend things for as which was great as I love sushi.  Their approach is really contemporary, offering wacky things like sushi burgers.  It’s a bit of a fancy place but you get some seriously good food for your buck.  It’s located inside the Palladium Mall.  We were in a bit of a rush because we went there before heading to the cinema, but would highly recommend this place.


Amuse-bouche. Amused they were.


Just LOOK at this beautiful pink gyoza!


spicy corn tacos


avocado and mango sushi


absolutely scrumptious coconut curry



Loco Chino

In English, this means crazy Chinese.  And to be fair, the concept is a little wacky!  The menu is an unlikely combination of Chinese and Mexican, with a bit of Thai thrown in for good measure.  There are branches all over Mumbai, but we went to the one in Fort.  It’s all bright and colourful with cute little lampshades that look like sombreros.  We didn’t try any of the Mexican food on offer, but the noodle bowls were great. They were very generous with the tofu and the portion sizes were huge.

So um, we were like really hungry that day and didn’t take many photos.  But that is surely testament to how good the food is!



Vegan Bites

These guys deliver all kinds of cakes, ice creams and snacks.  They even offer a vegan tiffin service.  We just went straight in there and ordered this insane gooey chocolate cake.  To share with friends, I might add.  It was glorious.  Next time we head to Mumbai, I’m going to order in advance.  I want one of these babies waiting for us….


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  • Reply Mo May 30, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Oh my days , I can’t stop salivating it all looks absolutely amazing

  • Reply Supraja November 4, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Interesting.. Some of the places you mentioned. The jalebi batter usually has yoghurt in it…and in most places fried in ghee. It would be advisable to check.
    There’s Ray’s pizzeria in bandra which serves vegan pizzas. Also Yuatcha (an expensive restaurant) customises vegan Cantonese cuisine at BKC. Chetana at fort serves Indian health food thali which is usually can specify also that you need dairy free. Most Indian restaurants have roti and dal fry which are vegan. Better to specify no ghee or butter or cream just as a caution.

    • Reply Amy Hiller November 20, 2016 at 10:55 am

      Hi Supraja, thanks for the tips. Looking forward to trying out some more places when we’re next in Mumbai! Indeed it is always important to specify no ghee and to double check ingredients :)

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