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Vegan food in Delhi

August 15, 2016

We’ve enjoyed a range of yummy food in Delhi.  While there aren’t really many specifically vegan places, there are plenty of options.  As most of our time in Delhi was spent resting, we didn’t venture out a whole lot and tended to stick to one main area most of the time.  Nevertheless, we did plenty of eating, so here are our finds.

Street Food

Delhi offers an extraordinary range of street food.  Much of this is unfortunately cooked in ghee.  Depending on your ability to communicate, you should be able to find certain things that aren’t.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 19.11.11

Staying in Lajpat Nagar meant that we had access to delicious Afghani food, such as these moreish, hot and fresh flatbreads.  Try your best to double check they aren’t brushed with anything animal-related.



Nature’s Basket

Nature’s Basket, which is a sort of gourmet health food chain stocks a wide range of vegan foods, including chocolate, baked goods and other snacks. You can shop online and everything!  We went straight in for the bagels and PB.



White Cub Ice Cream

We actually went to Nature’s Basket in search of White Cub Ice cream.   White Cub were the first company to start offering dairy-free healthy ice cream in India and when we heard about it, we had to try it. Wow.  This was honestly some of the tastiest ice cream we have ever tried. So so creamy.  We tried “choco heaven” and “sinful chocolate” We would have taken a photo but we wolfed this stuff down so fast….so here’s one we took of their website.


White Cub also do made-to-order vegan cakes as well as yoghurts, plant milks and other desserts.  The company is run by Ms Sonal, a true believer in compassionate eating in every sense of the word.  We have so much love for this brand and what they’re doing. Itching to get our hands on another heavenly tub.



We were fortunate enough to stumble upon Antidote in Select Citywalk Mall in Saket.  We were hypnotised by a glowing neon sign which read “Vegan Mylks”, as well as the absolutely beautiful amber glass bottles all sitting pretty in the fridge.


Antidote make cold pressed organic juices and activated mylks. They also offer a range of different detox programs and juice cleanses. Everything is vegan, although there are a few drinks which contain bee pollen. We tried “The Conditioner”, made with almond, vanilla water & coconut sugar and it was so scrumptious that we had another one.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 19.11.22

Local restaurants

There are tonnes of restaurants around Delhi, offering Indian food which, as always can be veganised, if it isn’t vegan already.  Our favourite that we tried was Sri Hari in Lajpat Nagar II .  We also really dig Happy Hakka, a Chinese take-away joint with branches in Greater Kailash 2 and Lajpat Nagar 1.  There are plenty of vegan options here.

There are also a few places that specifically offer vegan food.

Rose Cafe, Saket

Rose Cafe is an absolutely adorable eatery serving western food, with an entire vegan menu (they also serve non-vegan food).  We went a few times and tried all sorts.  Everything was punch-the-air good.  They even offer a vegan afternoon tea! Whuut??




Cafe Turtle, Greater Kailash

Cafe Turtle also offers some good and tasty options and the place itself is really cute, but to be honest, the portions were really small and the prices were high.  We ate this nice burger, but the amount of wedges we got was actually funny!


The carrot cake was really good though.  We had two slices just to be sure.


The carrot cake was really good. We had two slices. To check.


My Square at Selet Citywalk Mall, Saket

There is a wide range of food available here.  Although the prices are a little higher, you can still get some really good quality food at affordable prices.  Pita Pit, Big fat Sandwich, Saravana Bavan all do vegan options, as we’re sure do a number of the other outlets.  You can also get smoothies and cold press juices from a few different places.  When you arrive, you load up a card with some cash, which you can then use at as many different eateries as you fancy (you get back any money you don’t spend) so everyone can order exactly what they fancy :)

Pita Pit

There are three of these around Delhi.  Good for when you’re in need of some raw crunchie veggies.  Everything is customisable so you can choose exactly what goes into your pita or salad bowl.  The Falafel salad was yum.

delhi food


Getafix, Greater Kailash

“Guilt-free indulgence” is the tag-line of this little cafe located in GK1.  Considering they use meat, we would have to disagree.  However, there are a few specifically labeled vegan items on the menu so we decided to give it a try.  Hoping to broaden our options (there were only 2 mains and a cake) we inquired about a few of the veggie options which listed no non-vegan ingredients to see whether they were in fact vegan or could be modified.  Unfortunately the members of staff really couldn’t help (it wasn’t a language barrier, more a lack of understanding of veganism) and there seemed to be absolutely no room for manoeuvre with any of the dishes.  Even the extensive list of smoothies only listed two as being vegan.  That being said, one of the smoothies we ordered was really nice and the falafel dish was tasty, if a little on the small side for the price.  Always happy to support a restaurant who has made the effort to include vegan dishes and I’m sure their curry dish and carrot cake would be worth a try.  Next time we’re in Delhi we will pop back in for sure.

IMG_8123 2

V’s Bake Shop

We actually didn’t get to try anything from V’s Bake Shop, which we found online, but looking at those photos, we really hope to at some point!  They offer delivery to certain areas, or you can go collect your goods directly from them.


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