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Vegan Bangkok

September 11, 2016

Bangkok is a vegan haven.  If you visit and don’t pile on a few pounds, you’re doing something wrong.  Home to arguably one of the best vegan bakeries in the world as well as a whole host of restaurants and cafes offering both local and international dishes, the only food struggle in Bangkok will be deciding which one to choose. We fell in love with some places so much that we went there multiple times and so shock horror, didn’t try every vegan eatery on offer.  Here are some of the places we topped up on calories.


7– Eleven

Snacks galore.  Seeds, nuts, dried fruit, sweets, nori, soy milk.  You probably won’t be hungry between meals in Bangkok, but this is the place to go for emergency snacks.

Bangkok_Vegan-5 Bangkok_Vegan-8



There are two Veganeries (still not enough) in Bangkok.  Veganerie Bakery is located inside a Mercuryville Mall and sells only sweet stuff and the other, Veganerie Concept is a larger restaurant which also serves savoury food.  We visited both.  Several times. We have found ourselves in Bangkok on multiple occasions now and we feel no visit is complete without a trip to this wonderland. Looking back at our photos it’s alarming how many times we ate there, but there’s no need for excuses.  You would do the same.


It would be unfair to only post one photo.  So here are loads.

Before arriving in Thailand, we received this hot tip from our friend Paul of Vegan Food Quest and it was incredibly useful info.



Chatuchak Weekend Market

Not exactly bursting with vegan options, the maze that is Chatuchak Market can be a full day of shopping or simply just gawping. You’ll need to eat something.  Fortunately there’s plenty of mango sticky rice on offer.  Although this is actually considered a dessert, we may have treated it otherwise on a number of occasions.  What? It’s got fruit in it.  Oh and it is TOO delicious.

You can also find plenty of papaya salad, but be careful as these often contain ground up dried shrimp, which is obviously not what you want. Check, check and check again.


Bangkok_Vegan-31 Bangkok_Vegan-30


MBK Shopping Mall. Floor 6 food court.

We did not have a good shopping experience at the mall.  Partly because we don’t like shopping at all and partly because this place is in-tense.  We did however have a pretty tasty meal down in the food court.  Stand C.07 simply called “Vegetarian Food” is pretty much the only place you can get a vegan meal here.  All kinds of mock meats floating around in unidentifiable gravies here.  Cheap and filling.

Bangkok_Vegan-65 Bangkok_Vegan-66

May Veggie Home

LOVE this restaurant.  A great place to try all the different local dishes that are usually out of reach for us plant-munchers.  Tofu and mock meats replace animal bits allowing you to get a real taste of traditional Thai cuisine, without the deathly side.  We were chuffed to be able to try Thai iced tea, which is usually made with lots of condensed milk.  The brownie here, though it is tiny is mighty and delicious.
Bangkok_Vegan-102Bangkok_Vegan-100 Bangkok_Vegan-71


Banana Family Park @ Ari

This is a must-do local eating experience. Follow the google maps link and look out for the huge yellow sign. Bangkok_Vegan-76 Here you will find a small food court in a cute location where everything is vegan!  Naturally, panic set in when we realised just how many different things there were to choose from.  Best to go with an empty stomach so you can try as many things as possible.  Everything is inexpensive and someone should be able to explain what each dish contains.  But, to be honest, it’s all vegan so just get it down ya!

Bangkok_Vegan-77 Bangkok_Vegan-73 Bangkok_Vegan-72 Bangkok_Vegan-84

Sukhumvit Soi 11 Market

This is another good place to pick up mango sticky rice in vast quantities.  There’s also a Chinese stand which does a few vegan dishes, mainly consiting of mixed greens.  We’d read that there were more vegan goodies on offer here, but they weren’t out when we visited.



Suki Jeh Ru Yi

This is one of our favourite places to eat in Bangkok.  We first headed there because it’s round the corner from Asok station, which is a travel hub for getting to a number of Bangkok’s hotspots.  In this restaurant you will find only locals.  Old girls nattering, old boys laughing heartily.  No one speaks any English and you will really just have to pick the photo from the menu that you like the look of most.  It’s a great place to get a take-away from if you’re about to embark on a long train journey, although the food comes in backs so make sure you have eating utensils and some kind of plate.



Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant 

Try as you might to avoid Khaosan Road like the absolute plague, you should go to this restaurant round the corner.  If you’ve ever wondered whether you would be able to eat a pancake bigger than your head (with a deliciously dense cake texture) then this is the place to experiment.  We ate and drank only goodness here and blasphemous as it may be to say it, the pancakes are way better than Veganerie.



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