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Darjeeling, India


June 28, 2016

One lesson we’ve learnt whilst travelling:

Remember that one person’s opinion is just that, one person’s opinion. Whether that one person writes for The Lonely Planet, whether they’re a friend or whether they’re a fellow traveler.  Sometimes you have to go with your gut and find things out for yourself.

We’d heard from a few people that Darjeeling was a let-down. Whilst in Sri Lanka we had overheard one traveller write-off the whole of China to a young, fresh-off-the-plane backpacker.

“China’s crap, don’t bother”,  he said to the wide-eyed impressionable young Canadian.

“India’s OK, but Sri Lanka’s better,” he continued.

We would travel to new destinations with no preconceptions.

Despite this, it was hard to ignore the negative comments about Darjeeling, which seemed to increase the closer we got to this town in the state of West Bengal. Tales of excessive tourism and litter kept cropping up.


As you can see, the place is hideous.

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