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Vegan food in Delhi

August 15, 2016

We’ve enjoyed a range of yummy food in Delhi.  While there aren’t really many specifically vegan places, there are plenty of options.  As most of our time in Delhi was spent resting, we didn’t venture out a whole lot and tended to stick to one main area most of the time.  Nevertheless, we did plenty of eating, so here are our finds.

Street Food

Delhi offers an extraordinary range of street food.  Much of this is unfortunately cooked in ghee.  Depending on your ability to communicate, you should be able to find certain things that aren’t.

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Delhi, India

Street art at Lodhi Colony, Delhi

August 14, 2016

One blisteringly hot day during our extended stay in Delhi, we decided to head out to see some street art.  It’s often one of the first things we google when we arrive in a new place and we knew this was going to be a good’un.

Thanks to St+art festival which took place at the beginning of 2016, Lodhi Colony is now awash with colour.  Here’s what their site has to say about it:

St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists from India and around the world. It works on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible for wider audiences while having a positive impact on society. The two month long urban arts festival will change the visual landscape of the city with art interventions in public spaces through murals, installations, performances, workshops, talks and screenings.”


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Delhi, India

Delightful Delhi

July 26, 2016

We were only supposed to stay in the capital for a day as we were supposed to be heading to Kashmir and then on to Ladakh for a 10 day trip with some good friends. Unfortunately we had a bit of a medical issue on our first night in Srinagar so we made the decision to fly back to Delhi the next morning. Short but sweet.


So, 36 hours after when we left Delhi, we found ourselves back at beautiful Tree of Life, an amazing guesthouse run by our now good friends, Ashwani and Suruchi.  After a long and tiring journey, the pair greeted us with open arms, warmth and some really good tea. Magic.  They helped us get things in order to deal with our medical needs, made calls, offered us lifts and gave us peace of mind.

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