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cherapunjee, India, Meghalaya

Northeast Indian adventure, part four: Cherapunjee, the wettest place on earth.

July 9, 2016

MORE RAIN PLEASE.  It’s not wet enough here.  We just love the rain.  Said no British person ever.  Although when the chance of visiting the actual wettest place ON EARTH arises, it’s a different story.

We left our lovely little hut at Langkawet retreat after breakfast and the owner, Victor accompanied us on a journey to Shillangjasher, so that we could climb up a natural root ladder!  Shillangjasher village was about 45 minutes from Langkawet. When we arrived, we had to first hike through lush green wilderness. We had to clamber down precariously positioned rocks and put a lot of faith in whatever branches and tree roots we could grab onto.   It wasn’t that far but it was hot, sweaty, steep and super slippery. This set of steps took about 45 minutes for Amy to descend. Not really.


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India, Meghalaya

Northeast Indian adventure, part three: A treehouse, a root bridge and a spotless village, Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

July 7, 2016

We had no idea what to expect when we discovered we would be visiting a treehouse with a view of the Bangladeshi planes. We imagined the kind of wonky treehouses you play in (or wish you’d played in) as a kid. A small wooden box type construction, perched precariously on a branch, with little room to manoeuvre.

Our drive from Shillong to Mawlynnong, like many on this trip, was part of the adventure. A journey which provided an ever evolving landscape. Sheer natural beauty.

A little way into the trip we asked Tums if he could find somewhere for us to have a spot of tea. Somewhere to wake up a little before we arrived at the treehouse. No problem for Tums. He seems to be able to find nice stops no matter where we were. We pulled up at a roadside cafe and had some smokey tea made by this gorgeous and angelic lady who was obviously expecting to serve a lot of noodles that day.


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Meghalaya, Shillong

Northeast Indian adventure part two: Shillong, the Khasi Tribe and their Enchanted Forest, Meghalaya

July 4, 2016

Shillong, a hill-station in Meghalaya was our base for a  couple of nights.

We found the town centre where we were staying ok, but we weren’t really there long enough to get an honest view of it. We struggled to find food, which may have tainted our opinion slightly. We tried and failed to eat at Cafe Shillong, which is a very cute and western style place.  Good for drinking tea, playing cards, but not eating food without animals in.  Never mind!  It was the beautiful lush green that surrounded the area which we had travelled to see.


One of Shillong’s beautiful churches.

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