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Mumbai to Goa – Our Family Holiday

May 2, 2017

Having no plans ever is quite strange, but is often the case when you’re traveling long term.  There had pretty much been one date in our calendar since we left the UK and that was the date that Tom’s parents would be arriving in Goa, where we would meet them for some r’n’r and family time by the sea at the end of their 3 week adventure around India.  We did however decide on two things pretty early on.  The first was that 5 days with the fam was not enough and the second was that there needed to some element of surprise to our time together.  This combined with the fact that we LOVE MUMBAI meant we decided to fly into India early and meet Chrissie and Nig 5 days earlier than they were expecting, at the airport in Bombay.

IMG_8066We were both so excited and were seriously counting down the days until we got to see Tom’s parents  Aside from the fact that we missed them and were excited to catch up and have massive hugs, we really couldn’t wait to experience India with them.  They had been sending us regular whatsapps with wonderful photos of places they had been, all the while we were pretending to still be in Malaysia.

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M is for…Mumbai

June 7, 2016

OK, so we took a lot of photos in Mumbai, because we did a lot of stuff.  To keep things simple, we’ve grouped them together under headings beginning with…you guessed it….M.


Whenever we arrive somewhere new, we love to visit the local markets.  They are always bursting with colourful and sparkly things. Mumabai’s markets are no exception.  Here are a bunch of photos we took in and around them.

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Eating our way around Mumbai

May 30, 2016

We did a lot of eating in Bombay.  Lucky for everyone else, we took loads of PICTURES.

The city is a haven for vegans and the variety of food on offer is fantastic. Mumbai street food is heavenly and along with small local cafes, these are the places to find some of the absolute best grub. We stayed mostly in Fort, so we dropped into a number of local eateries in the area.  To be honest, you really can’t go wrong.  If you see lots of people eating somewhere, it’s usually a good sign.  We didn’t note down the names of all of the local India places we ate, but here are a few snaps.


Jalebis are deep fried bater swirls soaked in sugar syrup. They taste little hot crunchy donuts. Joyful.

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Mumbai. How we ended up in this wondrous place.

May 28, 2016

We spent just shy of a month in Mumbai and had it not been so insanely hot, we could easily have spent longer.  We both adore this city and each of the three times we have had to leave it, we have instantly had an urge to go back.  Around every corner there seems to lie something new to gawp at, something glorious to eat or an utterly confusing scene to ponder over.


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