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Darap, Sikkim

Darap, Sikkim

June 8, 2016

We spent a magnificent couple of weeks visiting the west, east and north of Sikkim.  Bombay was wonderful,  but we were in need of cooler air, so we headed to the Himalayas.
Sikkim_Darrap_Weather2Sikkim only became part of India in 1975 and so everything from the culture and food to the way people look is very different and feels unlike any other parts of the country that we have visited.  The main language spoken in Sikkim is Nepali, although there are a number of other languages spoken by different tribes.  Sikkim also became India’s first organic state this year.  Over a period of around 12 years, all chemical fertilisers were banned across Sikkim’s 75 000 hectares of agricultural land.  WIN!

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