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Farewell Varkala

May 20, 2016

Our time in Varkala was a well-balanced combination of festivals, food, hanging out and hospital visits.  Time flew by and before we knew it we had stayed for two weeks. 

Since we arrived, we had been saying that we’d go on Debra’s speciality morning walk, to take in the beautiful sights and burn off some of those dosas.  We eventually got round to it on day 12 of our stay.  We got up early to catch the sun rising and aside from a wardrobe malfunction, resulting in me having a different pair of shoes delivered mid-walk, we had a lovely time. 


Beautiful egrets are all over India

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India, varkala

A fishing village and a beautiful boat ride somewhere near Varkala…

April 22, 2016

Surrounding myself with dead animals is not my go-to activity.  It took a lot of internal chatter to conclude that experiencing an early morning at a nearby fishing village would be an interesting and enlightening experience and not a morbid one.  Debra warned us that the excessiveness of the daily catch and the disregard for sustainability would be shocking and it was. But I’m still glad I went.  Village culture has to be experienced to be believed and even vaguely understood and we hadn’t yet been let down by any of our outings with Debra.


We set off at my least favourite time of day – early.  Myself, Tom, Debra and our wonderful new friends Elizabeth and Mo tuktuked our way over to the village.  Our noses told us when we were getting close.  We made our way onto the beach where hundreds of people were selling, buying or butchering fish.

varkala fishing village

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