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ella, Sri Lanka


March 19, 2016

 …ella ella eh eh eh

Our first bus journey in Sri Lanka was somewhere between a joy-ride and a nightclub.  Way way too fast and packed full of hot strangers falling onto each other and grabbing onto random body-parts.  It was a hoot.

Ella is beautiful and that is no secret.  For this reason it is hella touristy.  To experience the natural wonders of Ella without joining a pack of other tourists, you have a to put in a little work. Picking the right time of day to visit the beauty spots is essential if you want to beat the selfie sticks as well as the blistering heat. Sometimes this can be pot-luck, but if you can haul yourself out of bed super early, you’ll often find you’re rewarded with cool air and  peaceful experiences.

We set off for Ella Rock at 5am.  This had a number of benefits. We would arrive in time for sunrise, the air was cool and the feeling that we were actually dying  didn’t bother us so much because we were so tired.  Our lovely host Nimal marched on ahead of us, in flip-flops, without even breaking a sweat, which was really nice for him.  Tom stopped a couple of times because he thought he was going to throw up. But, in just under an hour, we made it to the top and to our delight, we only had to share the view with one other couple.  Apparently hundreds of people would make their way up there later in the day.


The first 20 mins or so of our walk was along the railway tracks. #walkingdead

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