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kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy, via the most beautiful train journey in the world

March 23, 2016

DSC00631All the guidebooks say that the train journey between Ella and Kandy is the most beautiful in the world.  “I’ll be the judge of that,”  was my initial thought.  Then I got anxious.  I was worried I wouldn’t find it beautiful enough. I had the same kind of anxiety before we visited the Taj Mahal.  I had an image of myself saying “Oh wow!” and thinking “Oh it just looks like the Brighton Pavillion but bigger”.  Fortunately that was not the case then and my worries that I would be underwhelmed by the train ride dissipated about 5 minutes after we left the station.

We sat in third class because they were the only tickets we were able to get hold of.  We had read online that we would have “limited facilities” and figured we would just have to not drink anything.  There is an art to dehydrating oneself enough to not pee but not enough to faint.  We were however, pleasantly surprised to find a clean, spacious carriage with huge windows and fans.  The toilet was a hole in the floor, beneath which you could see the tracks, but when I finally succumbed to the cries of my bladder, it wasn’t too bad. 

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