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Hikkaduwa, Negombo, Sri Lanka, Tangalle

Tangalle, with our girl Maia

March 29, 2016

Tangalle_29 We took the train to Hikkaduwa where we planned to stay a few nights, but ended up staying for one night and leaving first thing the next morning.  We ordered an avocado roti at a little place when we arrived.  When it came, it had cheese in it.  We sent it back and the cheese was replaced with hair.

As a holiday destination, Hikkaduwa is pretty perfect for anyone wanting to surf, drink, party with other tourists and eat fairly overpriced food.  Everything is in one place.  Hikkaduwa beach is lined with pretty bars and restaurants which blast out western music.  Since we have little interest in any of what was on offer, we scooped up Maia and set off for Tangalle.


possibly the only photo we took in Hikkaduwa. Beautiful Majalita

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Negombo, Sri Lanka

blog one

February 27, 2016

As we sit sipping our 5th cup of ginger tea, it’s hard not to feel a little smug.  In front of me is a view  of the sea, so moreish and peaceful that it’s hard to look at it without cocking your head to the side and going “haaaahm”.  The little fisherman’s village of Weligama has stolen our hearts. Not even the multiple constellations of mosquito bites covering my legs could bring me down.


It’s been nine days (I wrote this post a little while ago but we only just found wifi!) since we handed over the keys to our home of two and a half years and nine days since we gave our beloved cat Mau the hugest kiss and cuddle of her life.  Three days later we hopped aboard our first one-way flight.

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