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sinharaja rainforest

sinharaja rainforest, Sri Lanka

Sinharaja Rainforest

March 16, 2016

Apparently the best way to deal with leeches is to wear flip-flops, so that you can see them and flick them off as soon as they find your feet. Sometimes though, you don’t notice them as they wriggle their weird little bodies onto your skin and start to load up on your blood. There are times when it’s too late to simply sweep them off and it becomes more of a gouging mission. A mission that had Tom freaking out like a little baby.  Needless to say, pretty early into our stay we decided that hot and sweaty leech resistance in the form of shoes and socks was a small price to pay in order to avoid excavating any more of these creepy little things.

To get to our farmstay in Sinharaja, we had to remove our shoes and cross a small river. We then had to lug our bags up-hill for about a kilometre. Had we been mentally prepared for this activity, it might not have seemed to arduous, but after 3 hours kicking back in a tuktuk, mentally prepared we were not.  It was however, worth the walk.

At the top of the hill, we were met by Karina and Sam, who run a brand new eco farmstay/B’n’B which is truly in the middle of nowhere, with beautiful views of the rainforest as far as the eye can see.  Karina from Germany and Sam from the UK had been living and working on their huge plot of land since they bought it about 3 years before. What they are doing is truly amazing and incredibly inspiring. Their plan to reforest the land and break away from monoculture farming is one that involves a tremendous amount of work, but one that is certainly coming to fruition. Karina took us on a walk around the land where she showed us the hundreds of trees and plants all providing food in the form of fruits, veg, herbs and spices. We also had a look around the enchanting mud hut that the pair of them live in.  Like something out of a fairytale, their outdoor kitchen, complete with a dining area for their 4 cats leads out to a gorgeous waterfall which they use as a shower.


beautiful mist after a sudden downpour

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