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Uda Walawe

Sri Lanka, Uda Walawe

Ude Walawe – Elephant Playground

March 16, 2016

In order to get to Uda Walawe National Park we experimented with a number of different pronunciations.  It seems the best way to be understood by locals is to literally just say it (as written) as fast as you can. Please try this now.


unfortunately we were not able to bring our trumpet.

There are several huge national parks all over Sri Lanka and depending on who you speak to, each one is the best. We opted for Uda Walawe because it was described as being home to around 500 elephants (and it was on route to Ella.  More about that later).  We figured the chance of seeing some in their natural habitat was pretty high.

We found an awesome B’n’B called Silent Bungalow.  The surrounding gardens were lush and the food was delicious and excessive.



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