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George Town, Penang

May 1, 2017

We took a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and because sometimes really great stuff just happens, we arrived just in time for George Town’s annual art festival.

GeorgeTown-1George Town is, at the best of times a hugely vibrant and quirky city so to be there during George Town festival was nothing short of amazing.GeorgeTown-24

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Delhi, India

Street art at Lodhi Colony, Delhi

August 14, 2016

One blisteringly hot day during our extended stay in Delhi, we decided to head out to see some street art.  It’s often one of the first things we google when we arrive in a new place and we knew this was going to be a good’un.

Thanks to St+art festival which took place at the beginning of 2016, Lodhi Colony is now awash with colour.  Here’s what their site has to say about it:

St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists from India and around the world. It works on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible for wider audiences while having a positive impact on society. The two month long urban arts festival will change the visual landscape of the city with art interventions in public spaces through murals, installations, performances, workshops, talks and screenings.”


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India, mumbai

M is for…Mumbai

June 7, 2016

OK, so we took a lot of photos in Mumbai, because we did a lot of stuff.  To keep things simple, we’ve grouped them together under headings beginning with…you guessed it….M.


Whenever we arrive somewhere new, we love to visit the local markets.  They are always bursting with colourful and sparkly things. Mumabai’s markets are no exception.  Here are a bunch of photos we took in and around them.

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