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My Oh Mysore!

May 25, 2016

HIYA, Tom here! Let’s do this…

Last time we visited Mysore was back in January 2014. We had a great time, but it was not Mysore itself that made us return this year.  It was our beautiful hosts and friends, Stephen and Manjula.

I found our previous trip to Mysore to be a bit of a mixed bag of awesome and not awesome.  Amy would say that the only reason I feel like that was because got ‘taken for a ride’ by a local, who was exercising a very popular scam on us. She was right (as usual) and looking back now, I remember how much I did love it. I was also probably a little scared at the time. For a mummy’s boy (yes, I was 29 at the time) from a small town in the south west of England, in India for the first time, I found it all a little overwhelming, for sure!
What was the scam I hear you say?

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