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23 Great Gift Ideas For Backpackers

November 28, 2018

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Someone recently asked me if I had any gift ideas for a relative of theirs who was off backpacking.  It can be a surprisingly difficult task to choose a gift for someone who is travelling and living out of a rucksack. If they haven’t left yet, the chances are they have meticulously chosen every item they plan to take and if they’re already on the road, they’ve probably got everything they need.

The first time we headed out on a long trip, we were inundated with well intentioned leaving gifts that we simply didn’t need. We were madly grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of everyone who had gone out and bought us something, but we had beautiful travel journals coming out of our ears. We’d been gifted clothing that wasn’t suitable for where we were going, travel pillows when we’d already tested out about 10 and beautiful pens when I had been slowly whittling my drawing tools down to a selected few for several months.

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