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Seoul, South Korea

Falling In Love With Seoul

January 4, 2019

We fell head-over-heels in love with Seoul.

We were so unprepared and without expectations.

Seoul Travel Blog

The three main things that lead us to South Korea were:

1 – a Netflix documentary film called Twinsters about identical twins separated at birth who are reunited and travel to South Korea where they were born, in search of their birth mother.

2 – Two of the friendliest and sweetest girls who happened to pop into our guesthouse in Sikkim in India.  They were Korean.

3 – Flights from Japan were £35 each

Of course these thing merely piqued our interest and lead us to research further into what seemed to be an interesting and very different place to visit.

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India, mumbai

M is for…Mumbai

June 7, 2016

OK, so we took a lot of photos in Mumbai, because we did a lot of stuff.  To keep things simple, we’ve grouped them together under headings beginning with…you guessed it….M.


Whenever we arrive somewhere new, we love to visit the local markets.  They are always bursting with colourful and sparkly things. Mumabai’s markets are no exception.  Here are a bunch of photos we took in and around them.

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